Granite VS. Laminate - What's the real price difference?

When considering countertop options, whether in a newly constructed home or a remodel of an existing home, price is typically an important factor. While granite is still priced higher than laminate countertops, the cost difference between the two choices has significantly lowered in the last decade. Natural stone is becoming more and more affordable, and its benefits are worth getting a price on stone countertops, even if you're convinced your budget only allows for laminate tops. Granite countertop benefits include uniqueness of natural stone, durability and heat resistance. The lifespan of properly cared for natural stone countertops and the value they add to your home make the price difference practically non-existent in the long run. 

If you're in the market for new countertops and are convinced laminate is your only option but would prefer natural stone countertops, contact NorthWoods Granite, LLC for a quote. Compare prices and the benefits of the different materials. Take into account the cost of the countertops, any extra installation charges there may be for other material, and the sink you'll purchase. Our quotes include fabrication, installation, and our standard sinks. 

Your countertops, no matter what the material is, are an investment; consider all your options and get exactly what you want. 


Here's a few examples of the uniqueness of Granite